Grey Lynn Oxfam Coffee Break


In the heart of cafe culture it seems only fitting that we share our good fortune and once a year help others.  The Oxfam Coffee Break is raising money and visibility to the ideas of Fair Trade.

Coffee brings the Transition Town movement in to a delimma – acting and buying locally? I have not seen too much coffee growing in Grey Lynn. If peak oil means that everything gets more expensive I can imagine the people of Grey Lynn giving up quite a lot of other things to keep that boat arriving with the java! As my friend who was a hippy in the 70’s said, Transition Towns is the same all over again but with better coffee and the internet.

My view is that if you are going to drink coffee at least give the  coffee growers in the developing world who make it a chance to earn a decent living. So do what Oxfam says, “make a difference and help fight poverty – one cup at a time”

Some Grey Lynn locals are holding the

Oxfam’s Biggest Coffee Break at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Thursday May 14th from 10.30- 11.30


Last year over 7,000 people – from Gore to Kaitaia – took part in Oxfam’s Biggest Coffee Break 2008, raising awareness and money to help struggling growers to work their way out of poverty.

Come along and have a cup of delicious Atomic Fairtrade coffee or Trade Aid hot chocolate with other people in the area.

If you would rather just gather a group of friends at home or can’t get out of the office, contact Oxfam’s Biggest Coffee Break online now to organise another event. Oxfam will send you all the things you need to run an event. Or call Oxfam on 0800 400 666

If you want to help out on the day please contact