Deep Ecology Facilitation


Kia Ora koutou.

I am writing to share with you an opportunity to experience a Council of
All Beings and train to be a Deep Ecology facilitator.

Starting on the evening of July 3rd until 5 pm on Sunday July 5th,
Daniel Nepia and Finn Mackesy, along with Nandor Tanczos are offering a
Deep Ecology workshop which will be followed by a Facilitator’s Training
in the heart of Waikato.

When: Council of All Beings – July 3 – 4

Facilitator’s Training – July 4 – 5

Where:*Pirongia Forest Park

Cost:*Sliding scale

Council of All Beings: $60 – 120

Facilitator’s Training: $110 – 160

Council of All Beings

The Council of All Beings will vividly change the way you view the world
and life itself, forever. It combines the richness of ancient knowledge
with new science, revealing unique gifts from the living world.

The workshop is based on deep ecology – the practice of deep connection.
This approach aims to reactivate our individual potential while
reminding us to tread lightly on the earth.

The weekend enables each of us to return to a place of true appreciation
and empathy as we speak on behalf of the many species and landscapes of
the earth.

Our journey over the weekend weaves together sacred ritual, story
telling, music, movement, art making and self-work.

We see that our human disconnection from the Earth reflects our own
disconnection from ourselves, each other and the state of world in
general today. The Council of All Beings empowers individuals and
communities to act on behalf of the Earth and gives us clarity and
redirection for making a difference. In doing so it helps reorder our
patterns of consumption, our need for intimacy, support and safety, our
priorities for action.

Your guides Daniel Nepia and Finn Mackesy use humour, dynamic group
interactions, and experiential processes to take you on a journey
through time, into ourselves, and into our Deep Feeling and Knowing of
the natural world.

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Deep Ecology Facilitator’s Training

Here’s a fast paced in-the-moment training for people who want to use
connective processes as part of their life practice or work. We go
behind the scenes of the magic and mystery of the work that reconnects
-The Council of All Beings- breaking it down into understandable pieces
which you can reformat to suit and then lead within a small group
setting, with family members or with groups of your friends.

Not for the precious. Daniel and Finn share their years of experience in
social facilitation and group depth work bringing you accessible ritual
based techniques and practices. You can count on straight forward,
compassionate coaching about the gold of your facilitation style and
also, what might need transmuting.

People leave this learning space confident in their ability to construct
deeply moving and powerful connective processes. Offer events in their
communities or utilize these processes as an additional element in their
practice as a facilitator or educator.

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