Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku at Bridgeway, Northcote


Earth Whisperers is going to have a special screening – Monday  29th June – 8.30

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Kathleen Gallagher’s latest film Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku was shot at spectacular locations around New Zealand by acclaimed cameramen Alun Bollinger and Mike Single. This absorbing feature documentary focuses on 10 visionary New Zealanders out to prove that a shift in consciousness can heal our environment. You’ll be inspired, and never look at stinging nettle in your garden in quite the same way again!

In the words of Kathleen Gallagher, director:
‘This is a unique number eight wire/Kiwi-style approach to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.’

This is a movie that doesn’t just rock the boat — it rocks the world!

These 10 extraordinary New Zealanders featured in this film show us what can be achieved

  • Craig Potton, photographer and environmentalist
  • Prof Alan Mark, botanist and guardian of Lake Manapouri
  • Charles Royal, Maori food expert and chef
  • Hugh Wilson, bird and tree farmer
  • Kay Baxter, heritage seed saver
  • Rita Tupe, Tuhoe healer
  • Isla Burgess, herbalist
  • Gerry Findlay, bird caller
  • Makere Ruka, Waitaha kuia

Earth Whisperers

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“A film in which some of the best known names in the New Zealand environmental movement reflect on their relationship with our earth, Papatuanuku, is as relevant as it gets for this festival. A meditative film with the distinctive feel of Aotearoa, Earth Whisperers allows people like Craig Potton, Cath Wallace, Barry Brailsford, Alan Mark, Hugh Wilson and seven others to explain how our world moves them and what motivates them to advocate on its behalf. As if those interviewed didn’t comprise an impressive enough list, the credits include the likes of Keri Hulme, Geoff Park, Andrew Pennikett, Alison Ballance, Richard Nunns and others. It’s a virtual tour of Aotearoa and a powerful demonstration of what can be achieved through belief, dedication, and passion for our world”  Reel Earth