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Act Now! Stop Foodstuffs fall back of charging

Dear all,

We fight for long to make giant supermarket take social responsibility and start a charging on plastic bags and it works! 12 millions of bags are saved over only 1 month.

We cannot let it fall back and we need to tell people Wellington guys are not selfish nor irresponsible for environment, we consume what we need and treasure every natural resources.

Please echo our call and simply use 3 mins to write a email/talk to shop manager of supermarket when you shopping.
Please help spread the word and take action in this critical moment.

1. Tell your local Foodstuff supermarkets (New World/PaknSave/4-Square) to keep the charging by email/comment card or in person. Give them more support!

2. Send a letter of support for charging and reduce plastic bag usage to Foodstuff on your organisation behalf.
Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd
Level 8, 45 Johnston Street, Lambton Quay, PO Box 5401, Wellington
Fax: +64 4 472 6412
Attention: Foodstuffs Wellington managing director Tony McNeil
Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd is led by Managing Director Tony Carter
Foodstuffs South Island Ltd is led by CEO Steve Anderson

3. Progressive Enterprises have NO plan to start charging. Make sure they know what you want as a customer, email: customerinfo@progressive.co.nz

4. Letter to Minister for the Environment, tell him you want government to have legislation to reduce plastic bags which create a fair situation to supermarket who care our environment.
Email: nick.smith@national.org.nz
Phone: (04)817 6805 (Parliament)
Fax: (04)817 6805

Thank you very much for your help, use this chance to make a full implementation of plastic bag charging (just like so many other countries do), let everyone stop the wasteful lifestyle and think about using natural resources. Attached is GetReal press release and also Kiwi Plastic Bag Concern one for your reference.

Best Wishes,
Angus Ho
GetReal campaign
Wanaka Wastebusters

Address: PO Box 16, Wanaka
Land: +64 03 443 8606 Ext.5
Cell: +64 021 036 4855
Email: angus@wanakawastebusters.co.nz
Website: www.wanakawastebusters.co.nz