Still time to see Sirocco!


To celebrate Conservation Week this year – and all of those people (many of you!) who ‘get involved’, DOC and Auckland Zoo are hosting a very special guest to help tell the story of kakapo conservation in NZ and the incredible work of the Kakapo Recovery Programme (

Sirocco the kakapo is one of only 124 kakapo remaining in the world. Sirocco is a very special bird, having been hand-raised as a chick due to a chest infection 12 years ago. This led to him becoming very fond of humans (more fond of them than kakapo so far!), and as such, Sirocco has become an excellent advocate for conservation in NZ.

Did you know the kakapo used to be one of NZ’s most common birds – found all over this country. Unfortunately hunting, habitat destruction and introduced predators took their toll on the kakapo -reducing their numbers to just 50 by 1995. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Kakapo Recovery Programme, the thousands of volunteers, scientists, rangers, vets and sponsors – kakapo are now back over 100. This year, beyond all expectations, 33 chicks survived (26 of whom were captive-raised in Invercargill!), and six years from now when these birds start to breed – it may give these amazing birds just the boost they need to thrive again one day.

Sirocco will be visiting Auckland Zoo from September 14th-23rd to help celebrate Conservation Week and tell the story of one of our greatest conservation challenges. We’d LOVE to see you there. For more info and ticket bookings, please visit and

A encounter with a kakapo is a unique experience – especially a hard-case one like Sirocco – he even has his own Facebook page! Make a difference this Conservation Week and visit Sirocco at Auckland Zoo.