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Pippa Coom for the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust

Your voting papers should have arrived for the AECT election.  Please use them don’t just recycle them.

Vote for our Grey Lynn 2030 Steering Committee member, Pippa Coom

Voters not aware of their valuable asset

Only 21% of eligible voters cast their votes in the last election for the trustees of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust in 2006.  This low turnout is surprising because the asset of the Trust is worth approximately $1.5 billion – a 75.1% holding in Vector Ltd. The Trust received a $98 million dividend from its shareholding in Vector.  The low turnout is because power bill holders are unaware of the fact they are beneficiaries of the Trust and the important role that the trustees play in managing such a sizeable asset on behalf of electricity consumers.

Voting papers will be arriving in mail boxes in the Trust district from Friday 16 October and independent candidate, Ms Coom is taking steps to ensure that voters know about the election by visiting all of the super city–sized voting district over the next two weeks.

“It’s always harder for an independent to get elected but I think it is worthwhile getting out there so that voters know about their Trust, their ownership of a valuable and essential power asset as well as their option to vote for a credible, community focused, non-political candidate as one of the five Trustees” said Ms Coom, a corporate lawyer, most recently at Vector Ltd.   “Quite frankly, I have no idea why the political parties are so involved in these kinds of elections – especially for a non-political issue such as electricity supply.  I would have thought the main criteria for elect-ability was competence to address relevant issues rather than association with voting blocs” she said.

Trust beneficiaries have recently been paid a dividend of $320 by the Trust but the majority are still confused about where it comes from. Common misconceptions are that the money is paid by retail companies, the defunct power board or even one of the party tickets.

“We are entering a unique period in Auckland’s governance history with the implementation of the super city structure.  I think it is vitally important that Auckland’s energy consumers have someone on the board of trustees who is able to think about what is best for their interests without having to follow party allegiances” said Ms Coom.

Contact details

Pippa Coom
021 926 618


Profile –  Pippa Coom LLB (hons) Otago

Pippa has hands on experience of the energy sector and regulated industries. She is a corporate lawyer with over 15 years experience most recently at Vector – the Trust’s key asset.

Pippa has a life -long involvement involvement in community organisations. Her current work is focused on developing sustainable communities as part of Grey Lynn 2030: transition community, Cycle Action Auckland, Frocks on Bikes, and 350 Aotearoa (climate change action).

Pippa is standing as an independent candidate with the support of Grey Lynn 2030: Transition Community.