Community energy needs come first for AECT candidate


Media release from Grey Lynn 2030

Subject: Auckland Energy Consumer Trust Election 2012

Date: 17 October 2012

Community energy needs come first for AECT candidate  

Rapidly increasing household power prices led to Chris Olson forming Grey Lynn 2030’s energy group a year ago to focus on developing community ideas to promote energy efficiency. The energy group’s first major project is to install solar panels on Grey Lynn roofs to reduce energy and water bills.

Chris is now looking at bringing community energy needs and a sustainable focus to the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust that owns 75% of Vector by standing as a community independent on the “Your Power Team“ ticket. Chris has international energy industry experience having worked with energy companies in the UK and worked for BOP Electricity and Genesis Energy in NZ.

“Vector has taken baby steps to develop sustainable energy initiatives but could be doing so much more to push Auckland toward using 100% renewable energy” says Chris Olson. “I would like to see the Trust set a new direction for Vector that is all about energy efficiency programmes and renewable energy generation throughout the Auckland region“.

“For example Vector should be leading the way on installing solar panels and promoting renewable local electricity to reduce our need on fossil fuel sources”.

Chair of Grey Lynn 2030 Trust Suzanne Kendrick says “We are supporting Chris because as a Transition Town group one of our key aims is to build a resilient community that can adapt to a future without cheap energy. It is time for a change at the Trust so that Vector starts playing a critical role supporting the community with energy efficiency programmes and is directed by the Trustees to work towards reducing the cost of power”

Voting ballots are now with all power account holders who recently received the $320 dividend from Vector. Voting documents must be posted by 24 October to make sure they arrive by 26 October.


The AECT (which owns 75.4% of Vector Ltd) holds elections every three years to vote for 5 trustees to be responsible for the management of the AECT on behalf of its beneficiaries who are electricity consumers (power account holders) in Auckland. At the last AECT election 3 years ago only 16% of all eligible voters actually voted which is one of the lowest voter turnouts for any major NZ election.

Your Power Team will retain the dividend (currently $320) and will cut fees by 40% (presently fees average $70,000 per Trustee).

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Contact:  Chris Olson 021 229 0329