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New Community Composting Facility

The Wilton Street Community Garden recently completed construction of our new Community Composting Facility. Located in the garden at the top of Wilton Street, the facility consists of three large wooden bins designed to turn local organic waste into usable garden compost.

The bins are easily accessible and designed to be user friendly. Now we would love people to start using them – shops, households, offices, gardeners – anyone who has organic material currently going to ‘waste’. The bins are labelled 1,2 and 3, and only one will have the IN sign on the front at any time. This is the bin to tip your waste into, when this bin is full, the IN sign will be shifted to another bin.

The system is a trial so we would appreciate it if you would support this community facility and spread the word to others. We don’t want to encourage rats or the spread of weeds so please;


  • organic green waste only – such as grass clippings, garden waste, vegetable matter, coffee grounds, non-meat food scraps.


  • meat or fish, plastic, oil, glass, or large woody tree prunings
  • no pest weeds such as oxalis, wandering jew or jasmine.

[Update as at June 2016 – the community compost at Wilton Street is now closed. Please contact Kelmarna Gardens]