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Wilton Street Community Garden thank you to the founders

We wish Wilton Street Community Garden founders Mandy McMullin and Dave Gilbert the best of luck in there move to the new orchard (and home)in the garden of Eden. Your constant passion has given birth to a flourishing haven for bird,bee and community in Wilton Street and beyond. From humble beginings of a jungle infested carpark you have managed to create a garden for Lizards, native trees, composting bays for the local recycling of waste, a water tank from the roof tops of The Vault and Gypsy Tearooms, beds for vegtable growning,applications for funding to council for basic needs of the garden, cups of tea for those in need , and all out of the love in your hearts !!!

This is not good bye, but an acknowledgement of your devotion to the garden and the compost !! See you with a sunhat soon.

From the gardeners of Wilton Street Community Garden.