Grey Lynn Community Artwork


Your ideas needed

The Grey Lynn community centre is working with Auckland Council and a local artist to develop an artwork for the wall of the car park but we need your help!

As locals, you have the best ideas about your area and we want to include those in the artwork.

What the artist needs to get going is a theme to base the artwork on. The theme needs to:

  • Represent Grey Lynn and its residents
  • Reflect the passions of the local community
  • Speak to the community
  • Make the community proud

Throughout  February 2011, we will collect ideas from the public that will determine the theme of the artwork.
Please consider what Grey Lynn means to you, your family and your local community and a theme that best represents its people and email your ideas to Tania at:

Your input is much appreciated!!!


  1. Grey Lynn means to me….. different people of all races, cultures and backgrounds living together with acceptance and tolerance,a real community, all the arts, writing, dance, singing, film, music etc, freedom to be yourself, the best ice creams in Auckland at the best price, Aucklands only 24 hour laundromat, always something happening, Markets, a green ethic, lots of people working in the arts, buskers, street people, buses, sea gulls, pigeons, 7 Cafe, great coffee, being able to walk into the city, festivals, feeling like I have found ‘home’…………

  2. What Grey Lynn means to me…… “FAMILY”. There is always a kind soul to support or help in any way from gardening, childcare, visiting the elderly, to a chit chat over the fence with a cuppa. A diverse area of individuals from different countries to make this place their “HOME”. With the feeling of family spirit and community pride, it has grown from a low perception to a very high sustainable area. This with all its fine glory of new shops and markets, to get the interest of people who can learn or teach others in the community, what a great place to live…..

  3. All of the above but don’t forget the wonderful PARK. I especially love dog walking time when all the mutts and their folks have an off-lead stretch.

    Grey Lynn also has a sense of depth, green commerce, historic buildings, Farmers Market, good bus connections, a feeling that the people actually matter here.

    How about a range of images from photos of early citizens to now…

  4. FAMILY is a good one
    I think something that recognises the early families of Grey Lynn, the Polynesian community which thrived in the 70s and the eco community feel which is taking root here now

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