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Grey Lynn welcomes Wanaka Wastebusters

Check out the news from Wanaka Wastebusters – Competition, wew website www.unpackit.org.nz and Roadshow coming to Grey Lynn

Demystifying packaging Choices – Competition Time

Its almost everywhere you look, its on almost everything you buy,
look at the packaging, we hear you cry!
Is it good? Is it bad? Is it the best you have ever had?
Does it make you smile or hang your head in disgust,
Is all this packaging something you can trust?
where does it come from, where does it go?
send it to us, we want to know!
Now’s your chance to to have your say,
get looking for packaging today!!!

The world of packaging is a crazy confusing place sometimes, over
packaging, non-recyclable packaging, packaging that says it’s
environmentally friendly but really isn’t, one hit wonder non
re-usable packaging, and then just sometimes, you stumble on something that hits the nail on the head.
We at Wanaka Wastebusters are running a fantastic competition to find out exactly what are the best and worst examples of packaging we can find in New Zealand and we need your help.
We want you to find examples of what you think is the best and the worst.
The 6 categories to keep in mind when looking at packaging are
Is it recyclable?
Is it reusable?
Does it do the job it is designed for?
How is the volume of packaging – minimal/excessive?
Is it innovative?
Is the label truthful and informative?

Check out our very exciting new website active from Feb 1st –
www.unpackit.org.nz for the competition ins and outs, ups and downs,rules and regulations, the different entries, info on the very exciting prizes and much much more……..

Entries to be sent in Tues Feb 1st – Sun March 20th

If that doesn’t wet your whistle enough, we will be travelling the length of the country with a fantastical roadshow of circus delights and packaging mischief and will be at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market on Sunday April 17th getting all you wonderful people voting for your favourite and least favourite entries.
If you are interested in our roadshow coming to your school please contact Ivy, tel  03 443 8606 (ext9) or 021 285 6969