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Launch Trash To Trade Event 29 October at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market

Have you ever looked at an old fridge and seen a cupboard? Or a used tyre and seen a dog’s bed or a herb garden?

The ‘Trash to Trade’ project launches on Sunday 29th October at the Grey Lynn Community Centre and will give handy, thrifty and eco-friendly Aucklanders the chance to display/ showcase their upcycling fantasies, be it with tyres, textiles, plastic wrapping, billboards, (banners), wood pallets, white-ware or any sort of waste that they can re-imagine.

The launch is the creation of Grey Lynn 2030 Transition Community with the support of the Grey Lynn Business Association. It gives participants the opportunity to create something desirable from something discarded.  All that is required is to find a trash item and upcycle it into a new creation that has some monetary worth.  It could be something as simple as a bookshelf made of old drawers, wooden pallets turned into a coffee table or billboards sewn into handbags.

The entrants will showcase their creations at the launch of ‘Trash to Trade’ on Sunday, 29th of October, with a view to selling or reproducing their final product for sale.

“The ultimate goal is to create something that people actually want to buy,” says launch organiser Brigitte Sistig.  “There’s a real thirst out there amongst consumers for unique products that have personality and a back story.”

“People are switched on to the upcycling trend and there’s certainly no shortage of potential waste streams from many businesses that could be diverted.”

There is also the potential to get assistance with launching an up-cycling business if the finished product can be reproduced and sold. Partnership is at the heart of Trash to Trade.

Entry is now open to interested individuals, who can access support and encouragement from the organisers. No registration fee required. All entrants or interested parties are invited to attend the ‘Trash to Trade’ launch on Sunday 29th October at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. The launch will be part of the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market Sustainability event on that morning.

Tt2to find out more or to enter, contact greylynn2030@gmail.com  or phone              Brigitte on 021 113 4171

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