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Grey Lynn 2030 trust report ’18

Grey Lynn 2030 Trust Report
February 2017 – March 2018
Co-Chairs’ Report

Our Vision
Grey Lynn 2030 is based on the international Transition Town concept. We are a participatory community organisation promoting and engaging in building neighbourhood spirit and cooperation while working towards a vision of a self –reliant, positive, resilient, vibrant, connected and sustainable community.

The current Trustees of the Grey Lynn Community Transition Trust are Colinda Rowe, Lynn Green and Brigitte Sistig. We have had a number of resignations over the last year and we thank Chris Olson, Charlotte Gordon and Suzanne Kendrick for the enormous contributions they have made to the group over the years.

Alex Bonham brought her enthusiasm to the Trust for a short while in 2017, before pursuing her PhD, exploring the concept of a playful city. We look forward to learning about her research.

Read the full report here

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