Our Hood-Image-GL2030-March 2020

Neighbours in our community looking out for each other during COVID-19.

The “Adopt Your Street” initiative was set up by Grey Lynn 2030 in the week leading up to the first COVID-19 Lockdown as a way of keeping in contact with members of our community during this time. So, how did it work?

We invited volunteers from streets around Grey Lynn to nominate themselves as a “Street Coordinator” who were happy to check in with neighbours on their street via WhatsApp. Looking out for people who were at higher risk or needing some help with e.g., getting groceries was one way of neighbourly support. We encouraged Grey Lynners to look outward during the time of uncertainty and help ensure that everybody in our community was being looked after.

A huge thank you to our AMAZING community! Not only did this initiative highlight how caring, wonderful and willing to help Grey Lynners are; it also formed bonds and friendships that have outlasted COVID!

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