Applaud our essential workers-Image (1)

Grey Lynners were invited to join a worldwide initiative to thank our healthcare workers and essential services, and to show solidarity at this time.

We highly respect the work our essential workers did for our people during the COVID-19 Alert Levels. To celebrate and show our appreciation for these dedicated members of our nation, Grey Lynn 2030 struck up an initiative during lockdown, joining many countries across the globe.

Each Saturday at 7pm starting from the 4th of April, we invited Grey Lynn residents to stand by their front gate or on their porches and cheer as loud as they could: playing instruments, clapping, banging pots and pans, cheering, singing and loads more! The initiative ran in several streets around the ‘hood with neighbours and friends social distancing whilst they made some noise to celebrate those awesome essential workers risking their lives to keep our country moving forward. Local heroes like Dr Fiona Gordon and our Auckland Council rubbish and recycling collections staff received special mention.

The initiative ran until Alert Level 2 and was communicated to members of the community through the Grey Lynn 2030 Facebook page, the monthly newsletter as well as by the COVID WhatsApp street coordinators - another Grey Lynn 2030 initiative to keep our people socially connected during Lockdown.

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