Explore Kelmarna Organic Gardens
12 Hukanui Crescent, Herne Bay, Auckland

Discover the simple secrets of growing food in the tranquil setting of Kelmarna Organic Gardens. The gardens are open to the public through a pedestrian gate at the Hukanui Crescent entrance. A self-directed nature trail will show you chickens, vegetable gardens, a pony and young cattle, an organic orchard, beehives, worm farm, compost making, native trees and flax. The trail winds its way through the gardens, across paddocks and links to Cox’s Creek Walkway.

The gardens were established in 1981 and have been organically managed for 32 years. The land is owned by Auckland Council for the benefit of the whole community. The principles of organic gardening have been promoted from the beginning and remain an essential element of the gardens. This excludes the use of chemical sprays and artificial fertilisers and relies on the use of compost, healthy soil, good plant care and natural pest management.

Next to the gardens are paddocks grazed by Jafa, a Welsh Timor pony, and young cattle from Mount Albert Grammar School Farm. Kelmarna Organic Gardens are a working model of sustainability in an urban setting. Come and explore their beauty.

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