Biogas Talk Thursday 30th April


The Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away group are interested in hearing more about Biogas. If you are interested too, carpool with some friends and come along. Maybe it is something we can generate in our community? Let us know if you are interested email:

Biogas is the flammable gas given off during

Anaerobic Digestion (fermentation).

Anaerobic Digestion is a useful process!

Biogas is a useful product!

Biogas can be utilised as a free energy source in a domestic or farm situation!

Small scale Anaerobic Digestion for the House and Farm, is the topic of a Presentation at:

the Maharishi Vedic Center

295 Wainui Rd

7 pm

30 April 2009

$5 per person

Biogas.  This is the natural production of methane using organic wastes.  The two speakers are Jo Knight of the NZ Zero Waste Trust who has travelled extensively in Europe and studied large scale biogas plants and Helensville engineer Steve Rodda who has been experimenting with building biogas reactors locally.  Steve is keen to find a suburban community who wants to build a cooperative biogas plant.

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