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First Sunday of the month at the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market

We welcome delegates from the Farmers’ Market NZ Conference “Feeding our Communities”  starting tomorrow in Parnell

The first Sunday is always a chocka market with monthly stallholders All Good Bananas, Life Cultures, Organic Edibles/Heirloom Organix as well as all of your weekly favourites. Not all of our wonderful stallholders are at the market every weekend, which can be a bit confusing. You can now check  which Sundays each stallholder is usually present on the stallholder page of the GLFM website.

Learn wine making with Mike and Brian from Brewers Coop will teach you how easy it is to make your own wine. This class will demonstrate a basic wine kit and also a fruit wine, made with feijoas. In the Oval Room from 11.15am. (only a few spaces left)

Sunday 1st of July will also see the second women’s “Swish Me Clothes Swap” event next door in the Garden Room during the Grey Lynn Farmers Market.

Those partaking will be dropping off items at 9.30am then visiting the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market until the doors open at 10.30am (with Golden Ticket holders getting a 10 minute lead time).


Seasonal fruit at the Grey Lynn Farmers' Market