Fairtrade morning tea at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market


fairtrade morning teaJoin us for morning tea

On Sunday April 13, we’ll be at the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market serving up some delicious, free Fairtrade coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Bring your friends and family, grab a cup of coffee and stroll around the market. Come see us for a chat and to learn more about Oxfam’s Morning Tea.

When: Sunday 13 April 9am-12:320

Where: Grey Lynn Farmers Market (510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021)

Oxfam works to address the root causes of poverty and we’re challenging the unjust policies and practices that reinforce poverty. We believe trade has the potential to lift millions of the world’s poorest people out of poverty – but only if it’s fair.

Promoting fair trade is just one of the ways we’re helping growers get a better deal from trade. We also work directly with struggling growers, helping them access the skills and tools they need to earn a better income and work their way out of poverty.

Oxfam fairtrade morning tea