Grab a coffee Grey Lynn style – Grab a Koha Jar!

Watch the Cup Project video here for a quick explanation and how-to!

The Cup Project was an 8-week feasibility study that brought together local organisations, volunteers, cafes, and schools. The project aimed to reduce the amount of single-use takeaway coffee cups going to landfill from our Grey Lynn community.

Our community created reusable coffee cups made from recycled glass jars, wrapped in cozies or headbands from a variety of recycled materials.

These little awesome creations were dubbed  “#KohaCup”

Over 400 Koha Cups were made available in six local Grey Lynn cafés; (OzoneTartCrumbBread & ButterUrban Jungle and the Coffee Store at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market). The concept is for people to take their morning coffee from one of the cafes away in a #KohaCup and bring it back the next time they go. They swap out the used one for a fresh one, and the used one would get washed for future use. The #KohaCup comes at no extra charge, with the concept being to improve community resilience and lower the waste in our community.

The feasibility study has now ended, however #KohaCups are still available at Crumb and Tart, with huge success. A report with statistics and outcomes is currently being created and will be shared with our community once it is finished.

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