An evening with Nicole Foss


Peak Oil, Local Resilience and Financial Crisis – how to face the challenges ahead

7pm Monday 16 April

Upstairs meeting room at the Grey Lynn RSC, Francis Street

Entry by Koha

We are fortunate to have secured an evening with Nicole Foss as part of her 3 month Australasian tour that ends in Auckland.  Canadian Nicole Foss is an international speaker on current issues in finance, energy, resilience, environment .  She is  co-editor of  and an Energy and Industry Consultant and Financial Analyst.

She has been brought to New Zealand for “Resilience by Design” the 11th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, Turangi  from 11 – 15 April (

Nicole Foss speaks to the heart of issues that have been key drivers inthe Transition Town Movement, (Grey Lynn 2030, Mt Eden Village People andTransition Pt Chev are all part of this movement). She asks hard questions about our ability to survive current challenges.

Global Finance and Peak Oil – Kim Hill interview with  Nicole Foss on  24 March 2012

Please contact Tilda  if you have any queries about the meeting



  1. Caught her on Kim Hill, Saturday. Seems the most lucid, informed analyst of the current state-of-play I have yet experienced. Conflates big money — ‘the system’ — renewable energy reality, nuclear power and bottom-up sustainability into a tightly-argued, refreshingly direct and down-to-earth scenario for future-survival. The outlook is bad indeed. Yet, as she puts is so succinctly, we are surrounded here in Aotearoa with a “large moat”. Which means that the possibilities for surviving the approaching global meltdown actually seem viable. Akin to Cuba’s community response to the American economic embargo some ten/twenty years (?) ago. A clear-sighted and hands-on first division intellectual who has done her homework. Unmissable.

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