Now is the time to support your local market

George market day bustleGrey Lynn Farmers Market responds to the Fruit Fly restrictions 

Now is the time to rally around and support your local community market! The Queensland fruit fly is providing some challenges for us- and we need your support more than ever. Our  Grey Lynn Farmers Market is a not-for-profit and is made up of hard-working foodies who put their heart and soul into their businesses, and depend on the market for their livelihoods. Come and support George, Bill & Marilyn, Sally & Edward,  and dozens of others who are a crucial part of our community.

Unsure if you are in the control zone? Check this interactive map

Bill and Marilyn stallUnsure what you are allowed to buy?
If you live inside the zone: everything!
If you are outside of the zone: everything except all fruit, tomato, cucumber, courgette, capsicum, pumpkin, avocado, eggplant, olives, cucumber, zucchini, walnuts and macadamias.

Remember that there is plenty of other gorgeous good to buy from the market such as potatoes, kumara, organic leafy greens, salmon, eggs, organic breads, local honey, gourmet pies, hand-made cheese, Italian desserts and much more!

We hope to see you at the market on Sunday!

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Explore Kelmarna Organic Gardens

Kelmarna flowers12 Hukanui Crescent, Herne Bay, Auckland

Discover the simple secrets of growing food in the tranquil setting of Kelmarna Organic Gardens. The gardens are open to the public through a pedestrian gate at the Hukanui Crescent entrance.

A self-directed nature trail will show you chickens, vegetable gardens, a pony and young cattle, an organic orchard, beehives, worm farm, compost making, native trees and flax.  The trail winds its way through the gardens, across paddocks and links to Cox’s Creek Walkway – see map below.

The gardens were established in 1981 and have been organically managed for 32 years. The land is owned by Auckland Council for the benefit of the whole community.

Kelmarna cowThe principles of organic gardening have been promoted from the beginning and remain an essential element of the gardens. This excludes the use of chemical sprays and artificial fertilisers and relies on the use of compost, healthy soil, good plant care and natural pest management.

Next to the gardens are paddocks grazed by Jafa, a Welsh Timor pony, and young cattle from Mount Albert Grammar School Farm.

Kelmarna Organic Gardens are a working model of sustainability in an urban setting. Come and explore their beauty.

Email contact:

Kelmarna Gardens Map

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Kelmarna Community Gardens Public Meeting

Grey Lynn Community Centre 

Thursday 29th January 

5.30pm – 7pm

Kelmarna public meeting flyer - Jan 29-page-001


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Grey Lynn 2030 Chair’s Report for 2014

AGM 2014 Wilton picnic patchThe Trustees of the GL2030 Transition Community Trust are myself as Chair, Pippa Coom, Suzanne Kendrick, Sarah Guppy, Chris Olsen, Charlotte Gordon and Lynn Green. We have three active focus groups being the Car Boot market, the Waste Away Group and a project team looking at Resource Recovery.  These community gardens were also one of the focus groups until earlier this year when they were transferred to the care of Fionna Hill and her team.

We have transformed our brand image this year with new logos for the Trust and the various focus groups.  You may have seen the new logo displayed for the Waste Away and Car Boot activities and we are working on updating the look of the GL2030 website which will also include the new logo.

We have issued three newsletters this year together with the Grey Lynn Farmers Market in order to keep our community updated on our activities.  (Chris provided an overview of the Finances, Sarah the gardens update and Suzanne an update on the Car boot market) 

The Waste Away group has been particularly active this year.  We had several new members join the group and now have 10 active members, 20 people on our mailing list as well as 184 Facebook followers.

We celebrated Plastic Free July and approached all retailers in the Grey Lynn and West Lynn shopping precincts asking them to go plastic free for one day on 31st July.  We had a great response and most of the retailers got into the spirit of this initiative.  We were extremely pleased to get the two Countdown supermarkets on board and they removed all plastic bags from their stores on the day.  We even managed to get some press coverage on this which was fantastic. We held a movie night to show ‘Bag It’ during the month as well and had a great turn out – the movie inspired a lot of people to cut down on their use of plastic bags!  We also showed our support for Marine Biologist Steph Borelle and her petition to the mayor of Auckland to make our city plastic bag free – we hope this will be successful one day in the not so distant future!

Waste Away partnered up with Auckland Zoo and held a rummage sale on Saturday 1st November on the zoo grounds as part of their Conservation Week efforts.  This was a great day and we were pleased to receive many fabulous donations.  The Waste Away team worked tirelessly to make this day happen and many thanks to Barb, Lisa, Marianne, Winnie, Louise, Nikki and many other volunteers who put in a lot of hours to make this a success.

Resource Recovery is currently at the top of the agenda for GL2030 as Auckland Council is starting to implement a network of Resource Recovery centres around Auckland.  A booking system for collecting unwanted goods from households will start to replace the inorganic collection and these goods will go through the network to be reused or recycled rather than dumped into landfill.  The first centre is in the process of being started up in Waiuku and was awarded to a community group that, till now, had been a men’s shed.  They will be working with Xtreme Waste Raglan to get this centre up and running over the next months.  GL2030 is very keen to be involved in plans for a centre in the Waitemata / Albert-Eden area.  We have set up a project group to focus on this and are currently in the process of trying to obtain funding to have a capability study done as well as keeping in contact with the relevant groups and Council on how the network is developing.  We have recently joined the Community Recycling Network who are very involved in the plans and will be able to offer us a lot of support and guidance.

As all of our current activities are around waste reduction – Car Boot, Waste Away and Resource Recovery, we are considering the future of our Trust and wondering if we should make this the focus of our group going forward and become a Zero Waste trust.  This will give us direction and clarity and put us in a good position to become involved in the Resource Recovery Network.  We have a number of Trustees that are looking to step down in the near future so if you are interested in joining us and being involved in setting the future direction of the Trust please let me know.

Colinda Rowe, Chair Grey Lynn 2030




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Top ten edibles for the holiday growing season in Grey Lynn

Fionna Hill runner beansThere’s still time to plant edibles to pick over the holiday season. Its salad season and salad ‘spikers’ are a good choice  –  there are many that can give a plain bought lettuce a lift – flavour, texture and colour wise. My top ten holiday edibles for Grey Lynners to grow are –

  1. Basil: Give basil rich, light, and well-drained to dry soil plus a steady, warm environment and full sun.
  1. Beans: Beans, both climbing and bush are a rewarding crop– they’re easy to grow and have few diseases or pests. Beans are ravenous and need ‘mature’ manure and a loam soil.
  1. Cucumber: Cucumbers prefer evenly moist fertile soil. They like potash every couple of weeks. Plant radishes below them to deter cucumber beetles.
  1. Microgreens:  Microgreens are the young edible green leaves of vegetables that are harvested when they are just seedlings. Buy the seeds in bulk packs as a standard garden seed packet is not enough. They’re mostly easy to grow, have intense flavours, vivid colours, and crisp textures, and require little growing space. Try growing the combo of mustard and cress but combine them after they grow. Sow cress four days earlier than mustard so that the seedlings are ready at the same time. Mustard microgreens – buy seeds from a seed seller or edible seeds at a bulk food store and plant thickly on seed raising mix. Water regularly. Cress microgreens – Lepidium sativum has tiny tender, piquant peppery flavoured green seedlings on a white stem; they’re fragile, take care when harvesting and washing them. You’ll need to buy these seeds from a seed seller.
  1. Fionna Hill misomeMisome: Misome is a vigorous grower, is hot weather resistant, and in fact good for all seasons. A type of Japanese all-season hybrid green resulting from a cross between Komatsuna and Tatsoi it has gorgeous small glossy dark green curled and wrinkled leaves.
  1. Mustard: For a hot blast, buy seed of one of the red/purple mustards – some are available for baby leaf production and they’re fast growing.
  1. Radish: Radish seeds germinate in a few days and the radish can be harvested in a few weeks.
  1. Rocket: Rocket grows easily from seeds, it is best sown in spring or autumn and plants do best in cool weather but I give salad rocket (not the wild version) a go in summer and have success.
  1. Zucchini: Zucchini can still be sown now. My favourite is still Zucchino Tondo Chiaro Di Nizza. It’s a spherical zucchini with thin, pale green skin.

Keep a look out in April for my new book that will have appeal for many Grey Lynn  residents – “How to Grow Edibles in Containers, Good Produce from Small Spaces” by Fionna Hill, published by David Bateman.

Happy gardening, happy holidays

Fionna Hill

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Rethink the season: Christmas car boot market

Rethink the season Car boot market

Rethink the season and do something new this Christmas.  Why not buy nothing new this Christmas? 
Save your pennies and the planet.

Our Grey Lynn 2030 Car Boot market is on the Sunday before Christmas

Sunday 21 December

8.30am – 11.30am

Grey Lynn RSC Car park, Francis Street

Love markets?  The final Grey Lynn Farmers Market is also on the 21st until 12.30pm – just down the road at the Grey Lynn Community Centre


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